5 Best Pubs and Bars in Cheshire

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One of the best regions to visit in the UK is without a doubt, Cheshire. Here you can visit many beautiful attractions and also do lots of enjoyable and relaxing things. If you are a person who loves to go out and socialize, then we will recommend you in the following 5 best pubs and bars in Cheshire which you should try.

1.Carters Arms, Wilmslow

Besides the fact that this is a very welcoming place, Carters Arms is also an excellent pub where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. The menu includes lots of lovely dishes, some of them vegetarian-friendly. More than this if you are in a hurry then you can try one of the many sandwiches that this pub also offers. After we have read some reviews about this place we noticed that lots of customers were really impressed not only by the friendly staff but by the delicious cakes as well. Therefore, you have all the reasons to visit the Carters Arms.

2.The Boars Head, Nantwich

If you ever decide to visit Nantwich then you must not miss this lovely pub. It is very popular as it offers international food, including vegan and gluten-free dishes. The service is absolutely great and the presentation of the food is also wonderful. Booking a table here in advance is definitely a must as the place is quite busy most of the times. At  Boards Head, you will eat very well with little money because the prices are reasonable.

3.The Waiting Room Bar & Lounge, Chester

Here you can enjoy a good meal or just a quick bar snack while you watch a football match. This bar is very big and plenty of people come here to watch important football matches, have a drink, and socialize. Chester is a very beautiful city and if you visit it then this location is excellent for meeting your friends or co-workers.

4.The Kingfisher, Poynton

How can you not love this place?! It has good food, affordable prices, and a very lovely staff. Furthermore, it is located in Poynton, a very beautiful area of England. This is also an excellent place to celebrate your birthday and also for spending a wonderful afternoon with your children. If you want you can also stop for a tea or coffee.

5.The Riverside Inn, Nantwich

At The Riverside Inn, you must definitely try the baked potatoes which taste amazing. The service is fabulous and the food excellent, not to mention the staff which is welcoming, friendly, and very prompt. In the reviews, many people said that they will certainly return here because everything was absolutely great. The Riverside Inn is quite picturesque and the whole area that surrounds it is amazing. The location is actually on the edge of a river, which makes it even more beautiful. Therefore, after you have a delicious lunch here, you can have a walk with your partner and enjoy the beautiful views. All in all, one thing is sure you will not regret if choosing this place.