Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Chester

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Chester is without a doubt a very beautiful city to visit, and once you get here you must know exactly what’s best to do so that you do not lose precious time. Therefore, we will help you by offering you some clues regarding the top-rated tourist attractions in Chester.

City Walls

The City Walls circuit is the best-preserved circuit in entire England. The two-mile walk includes Watergate, Northgate, Bridgegate, and Eastgate as well. While walking the walls you will see a clock erected in 1897 that actually market the Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, traces of Roman foundations, Morgan’s Mount which is an impressive watchtower, and King Charles’ Tower. Furthermore, you must not omit to visit the Wishing Steps, but be prepared for some physical exercise.

Watergate and Lower Bridge Streets

On the Watergate Street, you will see some amazing half-timbered houses, including the famous God’s Providence House, which has been built in 1652. The Lower Bridge Street is well-known for its half-timbered houses. The Falcon House, in particular, is extremely beautiful. It is a real pleasure walking these streets, which are full of history and lovely people as well. Therefore, if you visit Chester, then have a walk here and enjoy the lovely buildings.

Chester Cathedral

Another must-see attraction in Chester is this stunning Cathedral, which has a very interesting architecture with plenty of details. This massive building is placed on the site of a very old church, dating from AD 958. What we suggest you is to also attend if possible the Sunday service as it is absolutely amazing and you will have the occasion to experience something really different.

Roman Amphitheatre

If you are interested in learning more about Roman times in Chester, then you must certainly go to the Roman Amphitheatre. Here, the excavation that took place in 2005 revealed not more and not less than two stone-built amphitheaters. One of them is actually quite similar to the one found in Pompeii. In Roman times, this site was used for military training and also for entertainment. This is without a doubt very impressive as this is actually the spot where such activities took place nearly 2,000 years ago. Therefore, you should not forget to visit the Roman Amphitheatre if you plan a trip to Chester.

Chester Zoo and The Blue Planet Aquarium

If you will spend your next holiday in this city with the entire family, then the children will absolutely love this amazing zoo and the wonderful blue planet aquarium in particular. The Chester Zoo is one of England’s largest and also most popular zoological parks, where families all over Great Britain and not only come all year round. There are more than 400 different species and lots of beautifully landscaped gardens. In terms of animal attractions, there are a penguin pool, a massive tropical house, and a Chimpanzee island. On the other hand, the Blue Planet Aquarium is home to more than 50 marine species, including moray eels and southern stingrays. A day spent here will surely be memorable, especially for the little ones.